Monday, November 28, 2011

consideration :)

hye sume ... aper khabar ??? cam maner cuti maal hijrah smlm ... bez tk ??? mesti bez kan ...
anyway ,, sbena nyer ader something sy nk bgtau kat korg sume ni ... bile dah jdik budak universiti ni ,, english mesti mau power .. tpppppp english sy ?? haha tunggang langgang senget benget .... ish3 ... broken english betol ! huhu so ader lar sowg kawan sy ni cadangkan kat sy ,,, ye kate boleh jex kalau sy nk improve english sy melalui blog ni .... boleh ker ??? but how ??? improve it by updating your post in english ... try to speak up english language and try to practise with it ... can i ?? what do you say about it ??? yes or no ??

this is my first entry in english ... so it's a little bit messy .. so .. please tell me either you all okey with it or not ... hehehe

testing2 one two three ...... :)

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