Wednesday, November 30, 2011

why me ???

i still don't understand ... why did they pick me ??? why did't they choose somebody else ... not me ... i'm not the right one for u ... i'm not perfect like them ... some people say that i'm a very3 stuborn girl ,, messy ,, tk tentu arah and i like to make noise ... i know u will hate it if u know me more longer ... please ... think about it ... there's more beautiful ,, intelligent ,, kind girl outside there ... they're more suitable for u .. don't pick me as the person that u like ... pick me as your friend ... its much2 better to be your friend ... but don't think that i did't like u .. no .. its not like that ... i like u as my friend ... as my bestfriend ... and as u know ... before this ,, i have someone in my life ... syed .. yes .. he always with me ... in here .. its difficult for me to forget him ... its take a long time to make him away from me .. yess .. i still contact with him .... he always text me ..
i've been thinking to give him the second chance but ... i dont know ... eventhough he always make me upset ,, but why i still wanna find him ... why i still think about him ... confius ... can i accept him ??? or should i let him go and try to open my heart to others ... ??

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