Saturday, September 29, 2012

if i say i have NO friends..........*of course many of my friends will get MAD ..


" a friend in need is a friend indeed " =))

i believe that everyone familiar with this quote ... including me .. mostly this quote is famous among the students because in their life ,, friends are the one whose almost 24hours with them .. in the class,,, together studying to capture the future.. of course ,, this quotes also gives me something ... i know that not everyone can do as same as this quotes means .. not everyone can be a friend indeed.. but don't just think the negative sides,, but try to take in the positive sides .. yes .. i couldn't deny that if i'm the one who in trouble,, i also will think the negative sides... i will think that the person is not my friend indeed because she/he didn't help me when i'm in trouble.. but please don't make a quick judgement like that just because she/he didn't help you ONCE .. because we didn't know the future.. who knows maybe the one that you said not your friend indeed will be the one who will help you one day .. as i didn't dare to judge any of my friends as my friend in need or my friend indeed.. because ,, i don't know who will be with me ,, and who will leave me.. because i wouldn't know who will talk to me frankly and who will talk about me backly.. i didn't expect all my friends to be by my side.. i didn't put a big bunch of hope to anyone because i know i also not every time every moment will be by their sides when they have a problem.. 

but whatever made this,, THANK YOU would be the most precious gift from me to all my friends.. just put a side the title 'friend in need' or 'friend indeed' .. because you will always be my friends.. ever =))

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