Friday, September 28, 2012

life is HARD if we think its HARD !! =))

it has been a long time ago since my last post in this poor blog of mine .. i think that on the last moment i came here,, i am very excited to write something to all of you because long time ago ,, i'm still a young girl that know nothing in this world .. know nothing about the challenges in this life.. but now,, everything change ... maybe my name in my birth certificate still the same,, but the truth is,, i'm not ... not because i had a plastic surgery.. not that ... it just that everything didn't be the same as i had to face with life.. with people.. different people.. i have to learn how to accept them,, and learn to think positive in everything.. deep in my heart said that ,, its HARD !! that is the true life.. i have to grow up and think as a woman since my age are getting older and older.. *but not the appearance,, i think =))*

bunch of smile from me .. 


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