Saturday, September 29, 2012

"SUNDAY" !! @_____@

tomorrow is "SUNDAY" !! arghh lets don't make up the day as sunday,, can we ?? because the day after it is "MONDAY".. means that CLASSes are going to start... owhh my... lots of classes and lectures are waiting for me ... urghhh my head getting dizzy all the day... with lots of formulas,, numbers,, teories,, different sections of laws n many more... thats all i have to face everyday since ever my status stated as a "STUDENT".. =))

but whatever it is,, life must be go on.. "FIGHTING" !! for the future and of course for my beloved handsome and gorgeous parents.. my "LOVE" =)) <3 p="p">

tomorrow i have to drive for about 3hours from my house to the campus.. "ALONE" .... sounds very creepy for me... its a longggggg journeyy... owhh my.. Allah ,, help me... hopefully everything would be fine.. In sya Allah.. =)) pray for me ya... ^^ 

have a good sleep... gud "NIGHT" =))


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  2. salam.. a very thankful to you of course for following my ugly blog huhu... and why not... of course i may follow you blog as i can gain my knowledge about many difference cultures and also can improved my language by getting involve with your blog... =)) thank you ,, i'm very appreciate it..


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