Wednesday, November 13, 2013

silents reader :)

when i opened this blog,, i just can't stop reading and reading and reading his writings.. nice and feel amaze when thinking that he's also a Malay guy and he's 21 but the way he thought,, the way he writes in English were extremely superb ! i like his writing...

this is some sort of his writing.. =]

Today out of sheer boredom I thought of what have I done (mostly) over the course of this 21 years and counting, or on what-ifs scenarios if I were to rewind the clock, and somewhat in between I just play along with the line. Or at least that's what I believe I did.

Confronting the past. Looking back to where I've been was never easy. I've had some pretty f'ed up childhood past, moments of glory, rough falls, and all that spices of life that in a way made me who I am today. And don't ask why, the ghost of my past never fails to make me contemplate this over and over.

I've known losses, I've tasted defeats, gained some victories, and I am still pursuing winnings. Throughout this ever changing path I've taken I've always had make some changes. On me. On who I am. On who I was. On who I am supposed to be. I guess everyone pretty much does the same, right?

But somehow over the line of thoughts, I looked back; sometimes way back, to see how much I've changed. To see how much these waves and tides had drowned me or washed me ashore, to know whether I'm changing into pearls or oysters, to acknowledge how much I have achieved over what I want to achieve, to test whether I conquered my fear of the past; or whether it conquered me, and to see how far have I run from all those that matter to me back then.

I never wanted to run away, just that I had too.
I once said in order to move forward, we have to look back. To see how far we have gone. To see how much we had accomplished. However, I do feel like taking my words back.

Because right now when I turn around, I'm not sure whether I walked out of my past. Or just hanging there on the brink with nowhere left to go.

P/S: I don't know why I'm writing crap but there's no one reading anyways. Nah, who cares.. toodles !

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

#1 Lass !

heyyo Assalammualaikum =]

today's topic is.......................................................................... i don't know !

don't know do not know and i really do not knowww what i should babbling to you right now hehe.. but i had pick a word from my old dictionary which is................ lass !

haaa never heard that word before huh???  hehe lass means a lady.. gadis.. or others called it as lassie.. 

have u ever watch across "brave" movie cartoon?? in this movie,, u can heard the father of the girl called his daughter as lass... 

u know what.. instead of aaaaaaaall other cartoon movies,, this movie is the only one that touched my heart.. somehow,, when i watched this movie,, i cried.. yuppp.... it just the same like u watching a very warm and hearty touchy love story.. yup ! same like that.. u may cry once u watch it with full attention and FOCUS ! listen carefully to all its word.. not too difficult to understand for student especially.. try to not look at the subtitle.. maybe a little bit dificult to understand but actually if u listen to it carefully, then u'll understand... let's try yeah??!! hehe =]

and there's one more word i want to share.. do you know what's the meaning of "wee"

Wee means a child.. same goes to a daughter or a son.. =]

alright my wee darling.. till we meet again.. toodles !

Friday, November 8, 2013


Assalammualaikum :)

hai.. hehe lame sungguh aku tak hapdate ini blog.. bukan dilupain,, cuma macam kebizian sikit.. almaklum lah sekarang ni aku tengah semester 5,, memang ramai kate makin naik sem makin kurang subjek,, akan tetapi.... subjek yang ada pun berat-berat makkk~~~ huhu

tak pe.. pasal study,, kita bincang aca-kemudian ea... :)

sekarang aku nak kongsi sikit pasal SEWING atau bahasa melayu nya,, menjahit.. tahu menjahit??
mesti anda-anda lebih terror hebat terhebat kan dalam bab menjahit ni.. aku ni baru je belajar2 menjahit.. mula nya dari lepas raya hari tu la.. mula jinak-jinak dalam bidang jahit ni.. basic tu memang ade.. sebelum ni setakat nak jahit baju koyak tu memang boleh.. jahit ape nak,, sebut je.. tapi bab nak jahit sehelai baju complete up side down memang belum reti lagi...

RAYA 2013

siap dua pasang baju kurung~! yezza,, boleh lah pakai utk bawak pergi kuliah.. selesa and puas hati sebab hasil kerja tangan sendiri...

MIDSEM (1 nov-10nov)

siap lagi dua pasang blouse labuh hehe... alhamdulillah hasil sendiri jugak.. 

seronok sebab dapat belajar buat baju sendiri... raya tahun depan boleh la jahit baju raya sendiri.. tak perlu dah kot nak tempah baju mahal2 kat luar.. :) 

itu sahaja dari kami ... 

sekian :)

sape nak order baju tu boleh lahh hubungi no di talian 


hehe babai~ 

Assalammualaikum :)

Friday, August 30, 2013

new journey.. one step forward! :)

salam... long time no see... hehe miss me?? maybe not... maybe yess.. aw! so touching hehe.. btw hows life??? happy??sad??exhausting??extremely excited?? wow.. impressive.. everybody have different thoughts i guess.. nevermind.. even it so, remember to smile yeah?? n dont ever forget Him.. He's the best listener... trust Him.. always do...  =]

hmm u see my last post?? wow! 2months ago.. fuhhhhhh bersawang! owhh my sweet little blog.... poor blog... i'd never come here since i started my final examination for the 2nd year... n now... ehemmmm third year student!! hehe yes! i'll become the senior hehe... sounds great... but actually not very great.. years become harder n harder n harder! n still i'm the very lazy girl EVER!! alahaiii!!

"dear myself,
now u're already in third year.. please be matured and think bout the future,, your parent's hope on u,, ur ambiton yada yada... please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~ help yourself my dearest~! i'm begging begging begging....!"

haii.. me myself dunno what happened to me... lost i guess... trying to find myself recently.. and alamdulillah,, now slowly i know what i actually want and what i should do to grab that all things.. thanks to Him <3 div="">

forgot that! know what i'm doing for my semester break???? hee know??? or dont knoww??? wanna know???

wanna know something??? hehe now i still in learning progress in sewing and cooking!!
2weeks class in sewing totally give me something,, u also can book me to sew you baju kurung in the future... wow! my income! **wink3xx hehe 

and dear husband *no hubby yet ~ ngeee :P
i'll cook for u nanti! yes! 
delicious,, marvelous... thats will come out from ur mouth!... i hope i hope i hope~~

n lastly! mommy!!!! i wanna get married!!!! tskkkk meroyan! haha just kidding..hehe toodles guys...

actually...feeling very grateful to Him cause giving me a very great wonderful sweet and gorgeous parents in the world... i feel so relieve to help in lighting their burdens in their shoulder,, even though it was just a small help,, but i know,, even they did not mention it... i love them so much... no others can replace them.. somehow,, i wanna help them some more in the future by giving them my degree... owhh mom n dad.... wait for me please... be my supporters.. i need u by my side... muahx! =]

hey wait! i got some pictures for u.. enjoy it... dont deny it yeahhh hehe bai! "^____^!Vv <3 div="">

 hohoho meet the shortest gil in the family haha =p 

owhhhh my fairly bot,,,, come and brin my prince.. whooomph! there it is! ehehe 

finish!!!!!! boommmm kebabommm!!! lol hehe toodles.... n___n <3 nbsp="">

Saturday, June 29, 2013

“A real man is not the one who can court you in public. Or the one who can say to the world how much he loves you. Rather, a real man is the one who can hide his feelings pretending that he doesn’t care but deep inside during his sujood, he’s asking you from Allah SWT.” -Quote-

Friday, June 28, 2013

worst confession...

"i need my freedom.. i'm not a child anymore... i'm adults already... why can't u let me out by myself..... =["

kalau ikut kan hati,, nak aje aku memberontak.. yelah.. kadang aku terfikir jugak.. anak orang lain tuh,, kadang dari selatan lepas pergi ke timur sensorang.. aku cemburu jugak.. nak jugak aku merasa keluar jalan2 sekali sekala dengan kawan2 pegi jauh sikit.. jelajah tengok negerii orang... jiwa remaja kan.. 

nanti kalau aku keluar tanpa izin nanti,, tambah dosa pulak.. bile tak dapat izin nk keluar,, hati ni rase memberontak... urghhhh  ,,, mcm mane nak jage jiwe remaja ni... bukan bermaksud nak merajuk bile tak dapat nak pergi.. tapi dalam hati ni ade jugak rase lain yang tak sedap.. 

ape aku nak buat... -.-

hmm.. ape nak buat... terima jelah... ade hikmah nye kot.. 


aku still tak puas hati.. nak jugak pergi rase nyer... bukan buat bende ape2 pun.... jumpe kawan je.... hangout sekejap... maybe jauhlah sikit jarak nyer tapi i'm already 21.. yes,, maybe not 25 but at least,, please.... sometimes let me standing by my own feet... bukan minta selamanye... just for 1 day is enough.... tu aje... but seems its so difficult for them to let me even once... hammm.. selama ni pun banyak kali aku keluar tanpa minta izin... i want to stop being a bad daughter of yours. trying to ask your permissions in anything i wanna do... coz i know who i am.. as long as i'm not married yet,, u have the rights to know... but after all thiss.... hmmm i'm not easy with it... can't u understand for just at once...i'm upset... but i know i'd make u more upset on me... but... what should i do...  =[

don't know what else to say... 

actually tomorow i'm suppose to see a friend... i'm not going there for date of else... it just a meeting of an old friend... with so many other friends.... is that wrong??? 


bad mood for the whole day... 

main kejar2x~

haha...walk2 eat air kat blog orang lain
jelez yang amat... wehh!
blog orang len mantop beb.....aku??
ish...tak payahla ngade2 nak compare...
aku baru lagi dalam area belog ni.....skang ni nak tulis blog pon takde mase....
nak main decorate blog lagi ar tak sempat....
kejar mase wehh....tu tak masuk lagi hari2 nak kejar bas pergi kampus...
lame2 semput gak aku dibuatnye...
naseb kat luar hostel banyak gerai2 makanan...
mak aku kate kat aku...."gerai makanan punyela berlambak kat kalau xgemuk2 jugak xtaula nak kate ape..."
hehehe....aku hanya mampu tersengih2
iye mak ku sayang....
alang memang kuat makan kat sini....hari2 tayang muke kat gerai hari2 ulang alik pagi petang siang malam pegi kelas....mase mane nak tambah berat badan ni...huk3...

*pelik...orang beriya2 nak turunkan berat badan...aku lak nak tambah2....huhuhu..tambah sikit udah ler..
*sebab tu jugak lah aku bakar duit aku beli supplement vitamin.. 25ringgit tok sebulan..mahal! 30biji sekali sehari makan.... nasib baik pil.. kalau ubat air,, memang tak masuk dek tekak aku hehe...

see! betapa kerempeng nyer aku... bagi aku gemokkk.... pretty plishhhhhh~~~

kite tengok effect nyer rayer nanti haha.. puasa tak lame je lagi.. kompom2 makin kering aku... orang lain makin nak puasa makin kembang.. aku je makin kering.. haha pape pon alhamdulillah still sihat sampai sekarang..

kbai! nak mandi,, basuh toilet, basuh baju, kemas bilik sume2x lah... aku sorang anak daa kat rumah ni.. so aku lah yang kene buat.. patut pagi tadi lagi dah siap... dek sebab kene jadik baby sitter kejap pagi tadi,, tak dan nak buat... hehe terpakse lah aku gadaikan rehat petang2 ni...

ok gambar aku ngn kakak kat i-city.. kakak ke?? haha kawan2.. ... dtg dah tengah malam.. harap byk lampu je.. tak dapat nak main ape2x huhu snap pic je yg mampu...

jom mule bekerja! 3bulan bercuti... misi gemukkan badan sudah bermule!!!! pray for me yeahhh.... suri rumah mithali... [dah boleh kahwin dah ni anak makk ni hehe]


Friday, June 7, 2013

life like a wheel

assalammualaikum and holla!

june june june and JUNE! its already 7 june!.. sekejap je rase nye.. and exam fever!!! 

ok back to the topic.. 

last week i met someone.. a girl.. start from the top!

her hair shoulder cut.. eyes uuuu sexy.... 
face like a modern malay girl.. 

ok the climax! come the abdomen!wht??!! she's holding a baby.. 

baby you guys! baby.. i really really loveeeee babies..... 

ok.. that time i got teeny tiny heart attack once i saw her with the baby... cute baby.. a boy.. name i dont know... baru 4hari lahir.. very small... his face still in red... ooooo cute sgt! gigit telinga baru tahu... 

"dhhhaa young lady~~ ape kaitan dengan topic ni plak?"

the thing is,, i dont want to say... 
evil me of course wants to spread it out to the whole WORLD! butttt... my inner heart still say NO.. kejam tahu tak dedahkan kesalahan orang..

okay.. i'm sorry.. i just want to make it as a lesson for me and to the others... thats all..

whatever it is,, matlamat tak menghalalkan cara ok.. tak kisah lah kalau niat kau baik sekalipun tapi tetap dedahan aib orang! nak ke kalau kat akhirat nanti Allah dedahkan aib kau plak??!!!

ok baba... ok... enough talking... sory guys! aku tak mention sesiapa... 

the topic..

life like a wheel...

what goes around will come around.... 

what you give you get back....

ps : tak berani nak cakap sesiapa.. takot2 nanti aku pulak buat benda yang sama... tak mahu~~~!! nauzubillah ya Allah.... aminnnn....

mesti tak faham ape kebende aku cakap dalam entri ni.. hehe ignore!


assalammualaikum... :)

and DONT do it at home~! !@#$%^&*

Sunday, June 2, 2013

first impression


readers and followers....kaifa halukum?

girls yang camni selalunye dilabel ganas kann?

seorang gadis yang sangat ayu berbaju kurung. bertudung litup. duduk dengan sopannye atas bangku. kene usha pun wat dunno je. tunduk je. hurm. gadis melayu terakhir kot. minum air botol pun pakai straw. makan pun  kunyah slow2. wakaka. sejuk je hati makcik2 nengok. siap dah cop nak wat calon menantu. haduihh.

tengah syok2 makan uh, hanset berbunyi. cepat2 dia angkat.

"woi sial!! ko katne haa? what? apesal lambat sangat neh? celaka tol lahh. lahanat bla...bla...&#*%"

wowwee. longgar rahang makcik2 yang tadi duk sibuk melabelkan gadis tu as pempuan melayu terakhir.

(cite kat atas takde kena mengena dengan sesape pun)

haha. tu diaa first impression. ok lari!

*haha enrty mengarut// sorry being rude.. hehe .. kbai!

[tak payah susah2 nak jadi cantik]


readers and followers. kaifa halukum?

agak2 ade agi tak orang yang sudi masuk blog ni?

ok tamat.
back to the tittle above.

perempuan memang sinonim ngan kecantikan kan? kalau tak ngadap cermin sehari memang tak sah la kann. takut sangat klu tudung tu berkelepet. takut sangat klu mekap dah cair. haha.

cantik dan kelihatan cantik tu benda yang sama ke? nope. bagi aku lain lah. kenape? meh sini aku nak gitau. untuk ape sebenarnya kita nak jadi cantik? untuk tatapan mata lelaki? tak payahlah. buang masa. bina keyakinan diri? urm. jaga penampilan pun boleh bina keyakinan diri.

semua manusia tu diciptakan cantik. ade rupa yang tersendiri. ikut genetik family masing2 lah. tapi setiap manusia yang diciptakan tu mestilah ade kelebihan yang tersendiri kan. kire bonus la klu ade raut wajah yang menawan. raut wajah ayu. tak perlu kot nak describe camne cantik tu sebab cantik tu kan subjektif? bak kate orang, memang tak sah klu dipandang sekali je. pergi mane2 pun jadi perhatian. ramai yang nak berkenalan. senang dapat kawan.

"perghh. awek tu cun siot."

"untuglaa sape yang dapat awek tu. senyuman dia...mak aihh..."

ade gurls yang rase diri dia tak cantik. oh pleas lahh. janganlah risau. believe me. kita dah diciptakan cantik. belajar untuk terima diri seadanya. bersyukur at least korang ada muka yang perfect. so tak payah main compare2 ni. tak payah nak mekap2 sangat. jadi je diri yang sebenar. tapi janganlah sampai nampak selekeh! kita ni perempuan. so kekemasan tu sangat penting. asalkan sedap mata memandang dah la kan?

kenape nak mekap tebal2 sampai 14 inci? kenape nak pakai tudung lilit2 bagai macam nak terjerut leher? untuk ape? untuk kelihatan cantik? peh. aku tengok bese je. nothing special. tak salah nak pakai mekap. tak salah nak pakai lilit2 pun. but pleas lah. ada batasnye kan. ikutlahh garis panduan syariat. tak susah pun lah!

"perempuan tu bukan cantik sangat pun. tapi ramai lak yang duk usha dia. grr "

"muka dia bese2 je kan. tapi klu senyum, manis je. sejuk mata memandang."

"dia simple je tapi ade something yang special pasal dia"

"tau lah cantik tapi tak payahlahh nak menggedik2!"

kecantikan tu boleh jadi satu bonus. boleh jugak jadi satu musibah kalau disalahgunakan. depends kat kita lahh. tanya iman kita. =)

oh ye. aku ade satu cite. ade sorang budak tu. dia tu seorang yang sangat simple. tak pandai pun nak bergaya macam perempuan lain. tapi dia bukan tomboy. tak mainlahh pakai high heel. tak pandai nak buat muka comel time ambik gambar. haha. tapi kan. ade jugak  seorang lelaki yang berkenan kat dia. nak tau ape laki tu buat? laki tu jumpa terus parent dia. alhamdulillah. tunggu masa je kot nak disambungkan ikatan. =D


kecantikan tak semestinya menjamin yang jodoh tu sentiasa ada. setiap perempuan tu ade kecantikan yang tersendiri even dia tak termasuk dalam kategori cantik pada pandangan orang lain. tak cantik pada pandangan manusia pun takpe. usahalah untuk jadi cantik pada pandangan Allah. cantik dengan akhlak dan taqwa. yakin pada diri anda sendiri.

biarlah kita tak pandai bergaya pun. biarlah kita dikatakan tak up-to-date pun. biarlah kita dikatakan tak cantik pun.

pada mereka yang memandang dengan mata hati
tak berlandaskan nafsu semata2
pada mereka yang halal untuk memandang kita
lagi cantik jika
kita touch-up kan iman dan peribadi kita
dengan memelihara syariat

*good looking give u everything, but personality captured one heart.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

hey buddy.. i got something to say!

hey buddy... enough talking.. now.. YOU listen to me..! alright?

ok.. look deeply inside this picture! MAN.. please tell me what do you see in it! if you do understand,, then u will know what i'm gonna say to you.. pliz don't blind your eyes, and don't be a dummy as u say u don't understand.. i'll kill u if u do.. kbai!

[ignore the facial expression hehe]

so LOVE but without trying to change anything.. ok buddy?? rite.. sorry for being rude.. bai!

#trust and worthy#

assalammualaikum young lady.. 
see the girl's picture?? she's crying.. have u been crying because of someone like her.. hmm... 
i have full experience on that haha [full lah sgt]
hehe nothing.. for me,, i think u just wasting your tears if u crying because of a man.. lain lah kalau die dah jadi suami kite.. 
i know,, i also did the same thing.. crying and crying and crying because of him.. kadang terpikir jugak membazir air mate je.. tapi by crying like that make our heart more comfortable right.. that's the only way to reduce the sadness.. 

the biggest amend for a relationship is trustworthy. yes.. it's easy for us the girl to trust someone we love... 
but in believing someone we have to look at him first.. jgn terus percaye 100%.. man.. can never be trusted.. haha [laki2x jgn marah ok]
i dont say "don't u ever trust a man!"
no.. even your father n brother is a man.. tak kan tak percaye keluarge sendiri kan.. but at least for a safety for our heart... just put it 80-90% is enough.. not all.. some of them can be relied.. believe me.. no one in this world perfect.. kan kan kan... 

so don't worry baby.. look... 

the best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.
earnest hemingway 

to whom it may concern

" How can I forget someone that give me so much to remember? "

hello june.. please be nice with me.. =]
hehe.. nothing to be share.. i just wondering.. how easy for a girl to forgive someone that hurt her heart.. 

"How many times have others hurt our feelings without them realizing how harmful their words actually were to us? Think of how bad you felt and be careful with your own words so you don’t put others in that same position."

Shaykh AbdulBary Yahya

wake up hidayah!!! kbai!

sharing! ^^

doa dapat yg terbaik dari Nya.. He's the best planner ever! =] 

i'm home!

home sweet homeeee~! haha guess where i am right now... sebolah omak den.. hehe mak aku pon skrg dah pandai facebook3xx.. hehe anak die pun pe lg.. online jgk lah hehe... yes! skrg ni aku cuti study seminggu,,, ingat nak blaja kat rumah sewa je... tapi budak rumah ramai yg balik kampung... jeles lah aku.. aku pun nak balik jugak.. last2x sampai jugak aku kat rumah ngn mak.. hehe...

haha... abis sume buku aku angkut balik rumah... adoi,, baru satu hari kat rumah,, aku dah terbaring melantak tv je satu hari.. acano nak study mcm ni.. haha... nervous plak aku nak study kat rumah! tak jadik blaja plak aku kang... tapi tak per.. kite try tgk hari ni dgn besok.. kalau tak ley study jgk,, terpakse lah alik rumah sewa balik.. hukhuk..

esok ade kenduri kawen kt umah kawan aku.. ! nak pegi ke tak ek??? huhu,, dah lah aku sorg3x tak ade kawan nak teman pegi... tapi org dah ajak kan.. pegi je lah kejap makan2x.. =]

ok dah lah update... toodles! =]