Saturday, January 12, 2013

Old LADy!

hye you! 

^^ its been a decades i didn't update this old box of mine... heee never mind.. hey this is my first post in this year yaw!.. so.. whats i going to share with u here?? hmmm~~

final exam! of course... hmm its been 2 weeks since i'm having my final examination for my third year study in this beautiful wonderful bombastic fantastic university, usim! =))

in this semester i have to answer 9 answer sheets! urghhh so many huh... yup... this semester is the hardest i think.. but coming soon,, i can't imagine how tough it will be.. maybe tougher than this.. Allah.. help us! 

hmm.. thinking about today's date! 12 january 2013.. "2013" is the year where i will be 21! oh my! old enough for me i think.. its time to be mature! but how??? don't know n i don't wanna know lalalala.... =p

hey you old lady Nurul hidayah mohamad yusof!! u still have 2 papers to go remember!! be ready for it yaw!

i got to go! my mom get mad heeeee 
good nyte u'allzz... have a nice day n my pray always with u'allzz... =))

forgive me always yaw.. 
Assalammualaikum my dearest... ^^

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