Saturday, March 30, 2013

AGAIN.. @___@

again.. the same problem.. why,, why,, why,, and thousand times WHY! urghh still can't find the cause... 
question = why this old diary of mine was always always alwayssss have a problem..? if u frequently come across to my blog,, u can never count how many times i'd change my background.. some kind of stress here! nevertheless,, i also do pay millions visit to dotty dot dot site to borrow their background... 
[dah macam pelanggan tetap dah.. giveaway for me]

my pen is dying.. got to go.. seeya peeps.. =]


  1. your rainy rose petal was so cute enough to cover this blank background dear...
    xnmpk mcm downsindrom pon hehe
    jgn tention2 yeeee :D

  2. hehe baru aje hilangkan tension td.. hehe kite wd putih je.. kurg ckit nmpk mcm downsindrom haha..


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