Friday, March 15, 2013


"Hand can writes everything.. Mouth can always says anything..but the thing is the matter that my heart always pray,we are always forever " =]

0ur quote for today.. =] nice huh?
actually i only copied it from one of my FB's friend hehe.. coz this quote makes me realize on something... this thing not only written in the quote or in a piece of paper.. but it also happened in the real life.. maybe not in ur life,, but in my life i think.. i know somehow we cannot avoid ourself from talking back-to-back about someone.. but,,, what can i say... just avoid it yahh?? peace! ^^ just take it as a happy ending of it yahh? 

okey guys... lets not discuss bout this yahh?? little bit boring i guess... hmm what shall we story here.. i don't have any story.. but what i wanna say today is about love,, passion,,care and lain-lain yang sewaktu dengannya... 
how much do u know about this LOVe... i don't know much bout it,, but i think everyone confirm2 dah pernah alami kan.. =] 

but.. do u know that Love not only happen between girls n boys.. but also with Him.. we all know who is Him right.. =] He's always here with us.. he heard our conversations,, He knows all our doings,, He swept away our tears when we need Him.. how much important He is... UNCOUNTABLE... 
Allah Yang Maha pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang... ^^

^^ shhh shhh this is not a tazkirah ok guys.. =] this is just a simple thing that we should always remember... don't take it so hard and always live ur life with ur delightful smile... jauhi sgala larangan and in sya Allah we will get the calmness.. solat jangan tinggal.. =] 

some quick advise for me and for all my lovely readers... ^^
ok baby?? thats all i think.. see ya next time yahh?? =] 


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