Saturday, March 23, 2013


hai! my name is AHLONG! hee... very cute cute cute n thousand times cute! kind of love it! 
how i wish to get a son like this.. if yes,, i'm the one who really2xx thanks to Allah.. 

=] but of course,, we are nothing compare to His power.. He's the best planner for us.. we can only just plan this and that.. want this and that... but He's the one who will take care of all that... actually for me,, cute or beautiful are only a word in the dictionary.. i mean,, this two words only can be seen by our twin eyes.. 

but the most important beauty is inside... in our heart... and its difficult to find that kinder heart this days... so,, if u've find it,, so appreciate it coz not all can have that heart... mybe 1 over millions.. 

but hey! i don't say that we have to avoid people that we said not kind to us... NO! n DON'T yah... please...  no one is perfect... Allah creates us like that.. we have our own specialties and weaknesses.. why He make us like that.. becoz He want us to lear how to appreciate others and accept them as they are... completed each other with the specialties and weaknesses.. beautiful right... =]

and by the way,, i love this pic too... coz~~~~
it just like me and him.. sebijik! hehe not the face of the cat,, but the size maybe... hee love'it! =]
hope Allah will keep us together until anak cucu.. aminnnnn3xx.... doa kan kami ea! hehe 
love u guys! daaaaaa...

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