Sunday, March 24, 2013

MommyToBe =]

heyyo peeps.. 

With them around, nothing felt out of key. Too bad, i realise more and more the fact that i am so not ready to be a mother or mrs wifey, hence you wont be hearing any good news of tying the knot in the near future
Still a kid i am, need to take a baby step in preparing myself to be _______ ( fill in the blank ikut suka hati hang)
Everyone i bumped into gonna say i look so tiny so skinny so midget so pale and whatnot. 
"Makan byk skit.badan cinonet mcm ni ada hati nak kawen."
Said my mum whenever i refused to eat. Bukan nak diet tp xde selera. What do to kan? Should i take herbalife utk naik badan?

running some errands.. pens off.. later peeps.. =]

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