Sunday, March 17, 2013

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Today is saturday!! 
hee ^^ instead of watching movies for the whole day and finishing my assignment,, i learned something from my very best friends.. eventhough they stay far far away from me,, and i just hear their story from the line,, but by hearing their shaking voices makes me feel like i'm the one who face the problem... maybe it is their problem and i don't have any right to interframe,, but i can lend my ears and my concern.. both of them truly are my best friends but i can't bare to choose either one of them.. i have to give true and fair view from my heart.. 

but after hear from both side,, i just can give a very simple advice... learn to appreciate and learn to forgive... maybe 'forgive and forget' sounds very easy.. but actually it is a very hard thing if on that time we are really2xx hurt.. time would be the best medicine.. appreciation also very important... some people may be difficult to show up their feeling to someone they love... but the thing is,, it is normal for a person want their partner to show some appreciation,, tak banyak sikit pun jadi lah... 

some says that time can cure everything.. yes.. that's the answer that i can give to both of u... i'm really sorry.. i can't help u.. i just can give my small opinion as ur friend... the only thing is i love both of u.. we're together sejak sekolah menengah lagi... and i always want the best for u.. fikir lah masak2x..

i've gave my opinion,, and now it's up to u guys to decide... 
and the most important thing is,, DOA... pray to Him.. he always hear for u... Dia adalah sebaik2 perancang..


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