Monday, April 8, 2013

#77 this is sooo not my field!

today's Monday . =]
i'm cooking? not really ha . ha . ha .
just lend my hand with my mother .
tolong goreng ikan aje .

ceittt ok . this is sooo not my field .
i'm really3 BAD in cooking  . 
even just goreng ikan aje . such a very easy job .
but stil i can't . hangus ikan! haha
tak lah sampai hangus . 
cuma tak garing and melekat kat kuali .

ok . there's a tips given by my beloved mother
cara nak goreng ikan dengan betol .

first kene tunggu minyak betul2x panas
then masuk ikan yang dah digaul dgn kunyit .
agak2 kaler nyer dah kuning2x ckit ,

done! macam itu aje . not sooo hard .
heishh , not ready to be married i guess .
study more on cooking! really got something today .
toodles! =]

[my ikan yg tak cantik! hehe happy lunch peeps.]


  1. Chef, Looks yummy. Ah I'm hungry. Could eat a cow right now. Haha

  2. haha what a very big stomach u have hahaha :P

  3. haha alien : what to do .. no cows allowed! hehe tk ckop space :P

  4. arya : i'm sure u're way more comey.. :)

  5. Of course, alien can eat anything. Haha


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