Wednesday, April 10, 2013

#78 cheezy girl!

New blogskin .
again! haha --'
boring? kinda weirdo am i .
yup! actually ,  i'm truly are like this .
cepat boring kot .
but only with things , not for living .
ok . forget ! =]

here i am .
still having my precious time at home . 
sleeping and snoring with my mother hehe .

this morning ,
my sister hire me as her babysitter .
ok , i have a son now .
husband? tadak .
becoming ada haha 

ok , now i realized how hard to be a mother .
with a son that really2x need us all the time .
tak boleh tinggal . makes me more more and moreeeee syg kat si kenit tu .
[my nephew yg sgt comey!]

honestly , i can't . [can't what?]
last week , my only nephew went to hospital .
kene tahan wad . very pity . :'(
never thought i'd cried in front of about 20people . 
malu sungguh!
tapi memang dah tak boleh tahan sgt .
sgt kesian bile tgk bebudak kecik kene cucuk jarum yg sebesar gedabak tu .
kalau org dewasa tak ape .

i wonder how can the doctor boleh tahan tgk budak2x menangis kesakitan mcm tu .
if i'm the doctor , failed! can't can't can't~
nanti tak pasal budak tuh menangis , dgn aku2x skali menangis kat situ .
salut that doctor . 
thank you Doc for curing my nephew .

Now , i knew how precious the babies are .
tak tahu lah ape perasaan manusia2x yg sesuke hati buang baby merata-rata tu .
hati batu ? hati dinding ?
even animal also do love their cubs . 
hmm no comment . i'm not the judges . =]

hee done babbling!
P.S do cares bout your babies yah . mereka sgt3x bernilai and tak ternilai .
tudels!  =]


  1. ngehee design org bahh.. kite tumpang pinjam aje hehe :) anyway ,, ur blog is way more nice bahh.. :)


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