Wednesday, April 17, 2013

#82 buzy like a Bee Queen!

oyla! hehe 
very nice to see you here .
arghhh very miss to babbling in here .
u miss me too? of course NOT right haha .
maybe true , maybe not .
ok , forget .

nowadays , i'm not tooooo free to write in this old diary of mine .
becauseeeee .
now i'm in the middle of semester ,
and final is around the corner .
so! playing not .
started to be a serious woman .
should be . but .
i being a serious girl . me not likely .
i'm not that kind of girl .
sometimes yes . hehe depends on my mood .

im sorry .
thats why i'm heree .
to say that precious word hehe . 
coz i'm not too able to reply your hit on my cbox .
but , i give u my word .
when i'm very3x free like a bird , 
in sya Allah , i will! follow u guys . ok ? hehe
pliz . don't be boring to be here .
whatnot i know its boring . and annoying hehe
but , even like that , i still wanna write .

anyhoo, i'm very nervous right now . coz
i'm not prepared myself for the final!
there's sooooo many to attempt .
arghhhhh stress!

dont be .
aku tak per ..
biar aku stress sensorg,, jerit mcm org giler kat sini.. haha 

my pen's dying. 
tudels guys! babai =]

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