Thursday, April 4, 2013

Depressed?? frustrated??

depressed = frustrated??
frustrated = depressed??
[crazy little girl..] 
Nevermind.. ignore that.. nothing to be concern about.. it just between me and _______ [sukehati hang nak letak ape].. ok,,bercinta dah dekat nak 2tahun(sorta) tapi still,, i can't understand it.. depressed! frustrated! u see,, studying in those subject that i did't even loved.. honestly i think it really didn't go that well,, but it also wasn't entirely a disaster.. just because of a very small mistakes,, my road changed.. Deep down,, i do hope that this small black hole would be my lucky star soon after my D-day.. didn't lose too much hopefully..
Confession of the day,, after sometimes thinking it through,, its not that bad.. cume nye aku kene pupuk minat kat kos ni lebih sikit.. mcm susah aje bunyi nyer... nak letak minat tu bukan keje senang.. just imagine,, sejak standard 6 lg,, cite2x nak pegang pisau bedah,, tak terpikir langsung nak pegang kalkulator yg kene kira berjuta2x nombor tu.. skali aje silap,, sampai skrg aku tersangkut... can't never let go.. only half way down more till i get my degree... i just have to look deeper... thats all.. work more.. study more... put my love more into it.. Fighting!

indeed... maybe the path i took this days have its own credits.. maybe pintu rezeki aku lebih ke jalan ni.. maybe jalan yg allah bagi ni lebih baik drpd jalan yg aku nak pilih dulu.. wallahualam... He knows what best for us.. just wish me luck.. can success in this path.. hopefully...

tudels =]

"healing may not come quickly,, but it will come"
-Professor who-

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