Monday, April 1, 2013


i'm kinda gambling myself here.. pritt prittt!! my bum sooo sooo lazy to attend the class... zZZzzzzzzzz snoring like panda.. lazy enough to think about the ongoing assignments,, pilling up the mid term and etc.. u see.. having so many job to do in one time makes me wanna jump through the corridor [1st floor aje ckup].. you must be superbly annoying reading this right,, about a nanny who always babbling about her work.. who's the nanny.. her name hidayah maybe ehee... what.. i just can't help my eagerness to tell the public about my ke-tension-an.. bukan slalu pun.. countless of time i think =p.. urghh supposely being sleeping at tanjung if i continue with this habits.. seems like my biological clock has gone haywire... someone pliz come and repair it! i'll pay u loyalty [seposen ngeheee] 
ape.. seposen pon duit tau.. 
haha enough with the babbles and complaints..
will update soon... tudels =]

why am i putting this little kitten here? nothing.. just love this cat.. cute!

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