Friday, April 5, 2013

Segmen Bloglist March 2013

heyyo peeps... =] would like to join me in a segmen? FYI,, this segmen was sponsored by a cute girl named Dania Nadia.. u may look on her blog by clicking on the banner below.. speaking of which,,  this is my first time on joining a segmen.. i've never been in a segmen before.. this is my first luckydraw.. hehe like she said,, this is just for fun and also to add my affies list.. =] hope u'olls also will be excite to join this segmen.. 

utk segmen Dania Nadia comel ni,, i'm gonna tag 2 friends of mine.. =]

my pen is dying.. do pay a visit to this site ya... seeya peeps... =]


  1. It's me! Thanks! So what I supposed to do? Join the segmen too? Hehe I don't know wht to do meh.

  2. Yyyyeeaayy ! Thanks for joined and supported :D

  3. Alien :: hehe soryy,, i dont know who to tag.. so i chose u.. hehe just join n follow the step on the segmen i guess.. =]

  4. Dania Nadia :: hehe most welcome dear. thnks also for sponsored this segmen =]


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