Friday, April 5, 2013

Care Less

Spending 5 years stayed away from ma parents, made me who I am today. I learnt to put others first. Be careful of what you have to say. Look after your attitude. Be humble. Less talk. More quiet.

 It is hard to think straight at times. See your way what you had to do,

 Then I thought of studying oversea, this feeling will switch off. Nope, unfortunately this kind of mentality stays. I hate those. I hate all of them!

 What do you think?. All this while, I keep things to myself. Well I do sort of sharing with some of my closest friends. Maybe I just hate 'it', because it didn't meet my expectation. Things didn't go with my plan. Well, 1 thing with me ; is I hate the word 'NO!'. I must get everything I wanted. I can't tolerate when the world can't spin according to my direction.

 Trust me, I develop some TOLERANCE now. I do accept things, slowly. As it is. as it was.

 And now, I just need to be more self directed. I realize I had to do things on my way, and less power given to people who makes my life under their dim.

 Majority didn't always right. Start a new day. Love your own skin. Because you're just lovely as you are.
 "When you care too much what others think, you are open to manipulation because you will tend to go with the herd. When you care less what other people think, you become a more honest, decent, person because you don't have to pretend so much." -

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