Wednesday, May 29, 2013


haha ok.. arghhh final.. tahu ape tu final kan.. final examinations.. kalau bg student2x skolah mesti rase macam senang je kan final2x ni.. haha ok.. bagi budak malas mcm aku ni,, haha final tu adalah pembunuh segala kebahagiaan aku!

 aaa ok.. aku sangat takut sekarang.. tak tahu nak buat ape.. yg apsti kene study! study se'smart' yang boleh sbb sekarang mase dah tak banyak.. tinggal 2 minggu je lagi.. tak sampai due minggu! ok... due date 10jun.. study week 1-9 jun.. mane cukup! haha sebenar nyer bg budak malas mcm aku ni mmg sentiasa tak cukup.. kalau bg study week sebulan pun,, kalau malas dah menguasai,, tak jadik jugak! so... aku kene rajin! rajin study start dripada skrg.. haha baru nak sedar.. sebelum ni ader 3 4 bulan tok study ta nak study! padan muke aku.. haha pape pun.. wish me luck u guys... i only have more least 2 weeks.. doa2x lah sempat nak cover 9 subjek ni! aduh.. huhu... masa tok mengadap buku.. tata! =]

pakwe aku.. hensem kan.. haha bai!

Sunday, May 5, 2013


[alert.. sindrom broken english berleluasa...]
hai all.. how u're doing today... happy??
done with those voting stuff..?? haha no wonder there's soooo many people out here.... 
dont know where they're hiding before this days... shocked with the numbers... haha
nevermind... that wsn't my stuff.. i'm still a kiddo.. haha kiddo la sgt...

yes.. i am a kiddo... student right... soooo bebudak lagi.. bukan tak nak ambil tahu pasal politik,, or about the country,, but with all my homeworks,, assignments,, mid term yada yada... never had time to think bout this chessy stuff... yup.. it is important,, but,, not yet kot.. tunggu 5tahun lagi hehe..

butttt..... because of this chessy stuff,, i learned something...
bukan nak mengumpat... tak... nauzubillah... tak de niat pun... cume...
the thing is,, sometimes,, when the time comes like this,, we can obviously see very different kind of people behaviours.. ade yang macam ni,, ade yang macam tu.. 
yelah... manusia ni lain2x... rambut je same hitam... huhu

every person have their own habits.. ado perangai masing2x... same goes to ourselves.. we all have our own behaviour.. aku lagi lah.. haha entah3x thousands people hates me out there... who knows.. perempuan garang mcm aku kan.. memang ramai org tak suka huhu... what to do.. can't change... thats my behaviour.. like it or not.. this is me... same lah jugak macam orang laen.. mybe they also hate some people that annoyed us... we have our own opinion bout this.. tengok kesesuaian... for me,, i'm not tooo care bout people's behaviour,, as long as they're not make me trouble... coz i know.. we all do have our own liked n hatred. =]
bak kate orang2x tua.. terimalah seadanya.. lagi2 our partner... "partner" seumur hidup ok haha 

actually i have something to share.. 
do u ever think to perform Umrah?? one of my ambition,, is to take my parents to perform umrah together.. i really3xx hope i can... i always heard that words burst from my mom's and dad's... but i know its hard for them to go on time like this... sbb ade anak kecik nak sekolah... i heard that,, if we want to go there,, we have to be free from anything that can make us worried or other words,,, free from duniawi... yeke macam tu???

this umrah is like a visit to tanah suci Makkah right? pictures are the proofs where the place is really3x beautiful... rase tenang aje tengok... mak. ayah.. wait for me ok.. =]

Saturday, May 4, 2013

1st class !@#$%^&*()_+

hai everyone... =] its time for the class... my class actually... 
as i mention before,, i'm gonna share something with u... 
something that i need to refresh since ever i've been running far2x away from the train... 
i have to get out of this cloud and find the way back home... 
the truly home.. know what i mean.. =]
so.. the first step is,, hygiene.. hygiene is very important.. 
Personal hygiene is desirable at all times but certain aspects of personal hygiene are not only important but also compulsory. 
Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of Allah be upon him, 
informed his companions and thus all of us, about the importance of cleanliness when he said, 
“cleanliness is half of faith.”

the 2nd class !@#$%^&*()_+
wuduk... air sembahyang... we perform wuduk to make us clean for performing solat... there's steps in the pic above... tapi kalau nak clear lagi... i already type it for u.. =]

the steps are :-
  • make niat to perform wudu'
  • say the following in your heart "bismillah" -in the name of Allah-
  • wash your hands [Use your left hand to wash your right hand (3 times). After that, using your right hand, wash your left hand. (3 times).]
  • Wash your whole mouth & upper part of throat Do this thoroughly to get all the remaining food in your mouth out. (3 times).
  • Inhale (or "throw") water into your nose. After which you will blow the water out. (3 times)
  • Wash your face completely by spreading your hands from your right ear to the left, and from the edge of the hair to the chin.(3times)
  • Wash your lower arms from wrists to elbows,leave no part dry Wash your right arm with your left hand (3 times) and then wash your left arm with your right hand (3 times)
  • Wipe your head. Using your wet hands, just gently wipe your head from front to back and back to front (once).
  • Wipe your ears inside and out by putting finger in all crevices of ear and thumb behind it, wiping down.
  • Wash each of your feet. Do so up to the ankles (3 times)and be sure water goes between the toes. Or instead you can perform mas-h, if you have the needed requirements for doing it.
  • Recite the following: 
Ash-hadu allaa ilaaha illallaahu wahdahuu laa shariikalah, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan 'abduhuu wa rasuuluh
"I bear witness that there is no God but Allah alone, without any partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is his servant and messenger."

    • perform solat =]
    dear self,
    now u've started learning bout something...
    try to make it good for u yah..
    hidayah... remember that..always...
    remember your parents.. do it for them..
    and of course.. for yurself..
    hei.. i've got some tips for u.. It was the practice of the Prophet (SAW) to brush his teeth before performing wudu. it is his sunnah.. =] jom brush our teeth before wudu' n sebelum solat,, pakai wangi2x,, cantik2x... nak jumpa dgn Allah kan..

    thats all for the class today... sorry for the overloaded post... tadaaa~! =]

    dear bloggie =]

    dear blog,,

    long time no see... hehe lame dah tak singgah sini.. rindu jugak nak taip2xx,, komen2xx,, bace2x korang punye entry.. but what to do..very busy to catch up with the syllabus(slh eja.. malas nak bukak kamus haha ) 
    mana tak nyer... final dah makin dekat.. debar jugak hati ni nak jawab exam.. makin lame makin susah bende yang kena belajar.. macam2x bende kena baca.. kena hafal... hadoi! ponek den lah! 

    arghhh !!! tired lah! very3xx.... ='(
    penat2x pun sempat pulak kan taip2x kat sini... mengeluh kat sini.. heishhh... tak baik... not good3xx..

    dear self

    please not be so down..  u still have chance to improve yourself.. 
    still got  this 4kerat bones to upgrade yourself..
    dont be  so upset with what u have now.. 
    appreciate it,, and try to make it good..
    semua yg Allah takdirkan utk   kau  hidayah mesti ade hikmah nyer.. 
    don't give up myself!!

    anyhoo,, i have something to share with u all... 
    not a very big things,, but it is huge for me.. 
    althee it just a basic,, but i still wanna start with that..
    puzzle already with what i'm gonna share?? hehe
    next post will be my next step to improve my inner worth..
    actually,, they're just for myself,, for improving myself..
    but if u interested to know too,, feel free to learn it.. =]

    see u next post...
    in sya Allah.. toodles! =]