Saturday, May 4, 2013

dear bloggie =]

dear blog,,

long time no see... hehe lame dah tak singgah sini.. rindu jugak nak taip2xx,, komen2xx,, bace2x korang punye entry.. but what to do..very busy to catch up with the syllabus(slh eja.. malas nak bukak kamus haha ) 
mana tak nyer... final dah makin dekat.. debar jugak hati ni nak jawab exam.. makin lame makin susah bende yang kena belajar.. macam2x bende kena baca.. kena hafal... hadoi! ponek den lah! 

arghhh !!! tired lah! very3xx.... ='(
penat2x pun sempat pulak kan taip2x kat sini... mengeluh kat sini.. heishhh... tak baik... not good3xx..

dear self

please not be so down..  u still have chance to improve yourself.. 
still got  this 4kerat bones to upgrade yourself..
dont be  so upset with what u have now.. 
appreciate it,, and try to make it good..
semua yg Allah takdirkan utk   kau  hidayah mesti ade hikmah nyer.. 
don't give up myself!!

anyhoo,, i have something to share with u all... 
not a very big things,, but it is huge for me.. 
althee it just a basic,, but i still wanna start with that..
puzzle already with what i'm gonna share?? hehe
next post will be my next step to improve my inner worth..
actually,, they're just for myself,, for improving myself..
but if u interested to know too,, feel free to learn it.. =]

see u next post...
in sya Allah.. toodles! =]

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