Sunday, May 5, 2013


[alert.. sindrom broken english berleluasa...]
hai all.. how u're doing today... happy??
done with those voting stuff..?? haha no wonder there's soooo many people out here.... 
dont know where they're hiding before this days... shocked with the numbers... haha
nevermind... that wsn't my stuff.. i'm still a kiddo.. haha kiddo la sgt...

yes.. i am a kiddo... student right... soooo bebudak lagi.. bukan tak nak ambil tahu pasal politik,, or about the country,, but with all my homeworks,, assignments,, mid term yada yada... never had time to think bout this chessy stuff... yup.. it is important,, but,, not yet kot.. tunggu 5tahun lagi hehe..

butttt..... because of this chessy stuff,, i learned something...
bukan nak mengumpat... tak... nauzubillah... tak de niat pun... cume...
the thing is,, sometimes,, when the time comes like this,, we can obviously see very different kind of people behaviours.. ade yang macam ni,, ade yang macam tu.. 
yelah... manusia ni lain2x... rambut je same hitam... huhu

every person have their own habits.. ado perangai masing2x... same goes to ourselves.. we all have our own behaviour.. aku lagi lah.. haha entah3x thousands people hates me out there... who knows.. perempuan garang mcm aku kan.. memang ramai org tak suka huhu... what to do.. can't change... thats my behaviour.. like it or not.. this is me... same lah jugak macam orang laen.. mybe they also hate some people that annoyed us... we have our own opinion bout this.. tengok kesesuaian... for me,, i'm not tooo care bout people's behaviour,, as long as they're not make me trouble... coz i know.. we all do have our own liked n hatred. =]
bak kate orang2x tua.. terimalah seadanya.. lagi2 our partner... "partner" seumur hidup ok haha 

actually i have something to share.. 
do u ever think to perform Umrah?? one of my ambition,, is to take my parents to perform umrah together.. i really3xx hope i can... i always heard that words burst from my mom's and dad's... but i know its hard for them to go on time like this... sbb ade anak kecik nak sekolah... i heard that,, if we want to go there,, we have to be free from anything that can make us worried or other words,,, free from duniawi... yeke macam tu???

this umrah is like a visit to tanah suci Makkah right? pictures are the proofs where the place is really3x beautiful... rase tenang aje tengok... mak. ayah.. wait for me ok.. =]

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