Saturday, June 1, 2013

#trust and worthy#

assalammualaikum young lady.. 
see the girl's picture?? she's crying.. have u been crying because of someone like her.. hmm... 
i have full experience on that haha [full lah sgt]
hehe nothing.. for me,, i think u just wasting your tears if u crying because of a man.. lain lah kalau die dah jadi suami kite.. 
i know,, i also did the same thing.. crying and crying and crying because of him.. kadang terpikir jugak membazir air mate je.. tapi by crying like that make our heart more comfortable right.. that's the only way to reduce the sadness.. 

the biggest amend for a relationship is trustworthy. yes.. it's easy for us the girl to trust someone we love... 
but in believing someone we have to look at him first.. jgn terus percaye 100%.. man.. can never be trusted.. haha [laki2x jgn marah ok]
i dont say "don't u ever trust a man!"
no.. even your father n brother is a man.. tak kan tak percaye keluarge sendiri kan.. but at least for a safety for our heart... just put it 80-90% is enough.. not all.. some of them can be relied.. believe me.. no one in this world perfect.. kan kan kan... 

so don't worry baby.. look... 

the best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.
earnest hemingway 

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