Friday, August 30, 2013

new journey.. one step forward! :)

salam... long time no see... hehe miss me?? maybe not... maybe yess.. aw! so touching hehe.. btw hows life??? happy??sad??exhausting??extremely excited?? wow.. impressive.. everybody have different thoughts i guess.. nevermind.. even it so, remember to smile yeah?? n dont ever forget Him.. He's the best listener... trust Him.. always do...  =]

hmm u see my last post?? wow! 2months ago.. fuhhhhhh bersawang! owhh my sweet little blog.... poor blog... i'd never come here since i started my final examination for the 2nd year... n now... ehemmmm third year student!! hehe yes! i'll become the senior hehe... sounds great... but actually not very great.. years become harder n harder n harder! n still i'm the very lazy girl EVER!! alahaiii!!

"dear myself,
now u're already in third year.. please be matured and think bout the future,, your parent's hope on u,, ur ambiton yada yada... please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~ help yourself my dearest~! i'm begging begging begging....!"

haii.. me myself dunno what happened to me... lost i guess... trying to find myself recently.. and alamdulillah,, now slowly i know what i actually want and what i should do to grab that all things.. thanks to Him <3 div="">

forgot that! know what i'm doing for my semester break???? hee know??? or dont knoww??? wanna know???

wanna know something??? hehe now i still in learning progress in sewing and cooking!!
2weeks class in sewing totally give me something,, u also can book me to sew you baju kurung in the future... wow! my income! **wink3xx hehe 

and dear husband *no hubby yet ~ ngeee :P
i'll cook for u nanti! yes! 
delicious,, marvelous... thats will come out from ur mouth!... i hope i hope i hope~~

n lastly! mommy!!!! i wanna get married!!!! tskkkk meroyan! haha just kidding..hehe toodles guys...

actually...feeling very grateful to Him cause giving me a very great wonderful sweet and gorgeous parents in the world... i feel so relieve to help in lighting their burdens in their shoulder,, even though it was just a small help,, but i know,, even they did not mention it... i love them so much... no others can replace them.. somehow,, i wanna help them some more in the future by giving them my degree... owhh mom n dad.... wait for me please... be my supporters.. i need u by my side... muahx! =]

hey wait! i got some pictures for u.. enjoy it... dont deny it yeahhh hehe bai! "^____^!Vv <3 div="">

 hohoho meet the shortest gil in the family haha =p 

owhhhh my fairly bot,,,, come and brin my prince.. whooomph! there it is! ehehe 

finish!!!!!! boommmm kebabommm!!! lol hehe toodles.... n___n <3 nbsp="">

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