Wednesday, November 13, 2013

silents reader :)

when i opened this blog,, i just can't stop reading and reading and reading his writings.. nice and feel amaze when thinking that he's also a Malay guy and he's 21 but the way he thought,, the way he writes in English were extremely superb ! i like his writing...

this is some sort of his writing.. =]

Today out of sheer boredom I thought of what have I done (mostly) over the course of this 21 years and counting, or on what-ifs scenarios if I were to rewind the clock, and somewhat in between I just play along with the line. Or at least that's what I believe I did.

Confronting the past. Looking back to where I've been was never easy. I've had some pretty f'ed up childhood past, moments of glory, rough falls, and all that spices of life that in a way made me who I am today. And don't ask why, the ghost of my past never fails to make me contemplate this over and over.

I've known losses, I've tasted defeats, gained some victories, and I am still pursuing winnings. Throughout this ever changing path I've taken I've always had make some changes. On me. On who I am. On who I was. On who I am supposed to be. I guess everyone pretty much does the same, right?

But somehow over the line of thoughts, I looked back; sometimes way back, to see how much I've changed. To see how much these waves and tides had drowned me or washed me ashore, to know whether I'm changing into pearls or oysters, to acknowledge how much I have achieved over what I want to achieve, to test whether I conquered my fear of the past; or whether it conquered me, and to see how far have I run from all those that matter to me back then.

I never wanted to run away, just that I had too.
I once said in order to move forward, we have to look back. To see how far we have gone. To see how much we had accomplished. However, I do feel like taking my words back.

Because right now when I turn around, I'm not sure whether I walked out of my past. Or just hanging there on the brink with nowhere left to go.

P/S: I don't know why I'm writing crap but there's no one reading anyways. Nah, who cares.. toodles !

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

#1 Lass !

heyyo Assalammualaikum =]

today's topic is.......................................................................... i don't know !

don't know do not know and i really do not knowww what i should babbling to you right now hehe.. but i had pick a word from my old dictionary which is................ lass !

haaa never heard that word before huh???  hehe lass means a lady.. gadis.. or others called it as lassie.. 

have u ever watch across "brave" movie cartoon?? in this movie,, u can heard the father of the girl called his daughter as lass... 

u know what.. instead of aaaaaaaall other cartoon movies,, this movie is the only one that touched my heart.. somehow,, when i watched this movie,, i cried.. yuppp.... it just the same like u watching a very warm and hearty touchy love story.. yup ! same like that.. u may cry once u watch it with full attention and FOCUS ! listen carefully to all its word.. not too difficult to understand for student especially.. try to not look at the subtitle.. maybe a little bit dificult to understand but actually if u listen to it carefully, then u'll understand... let's try yeah??!! hehe =]

and there's one more word i want to share.. do you know what's the meaning of "wee"

Wee means a child.. same goes to a daughter or a son.. =]

alright my wee darling.. till we meet again.. toodles !

Friday, November 8, 2013


Assalammualaikum :)

hai.. hehe lame sungguh aku tak hapdate ini blog.. bukan dilupain,, cuma macam kebizian sikit.. almaklum lah sekarang ni aku tengah semester 5,, memang ramai kate makin naik sem makin kurang subjek,, akan tetapi.... subjek yang ada pun berat-berat makkk~~~ huhu

tak pe.. pasal study,, kita bincang aca-kemudian ea... :)

sekarang aku nak kongsi sikit pasal SEWING atau bahasa melayu nya,, menjahit.. tahu menjahit??
mesti anda-anda lebih terror hebat terhebat kan dalam bab menjahit ni.. aku ni baru je belajar2 menjahit.. mula nya dari lepas raya hari tu la.. mula jinak-jinak dalam bidang jahit ni.. basic tu memang ade.. sebelum ni setakat nak jahit baju koyak tu memang boleh.. jahit ape nak,, sebut je.. tapi bab nak jahit sehelai baju complete up side down memang belum reti lagi...

RAYA 2013

siap dua pasang baju kurung~! yezza,, boleh lah pakai utk bawak pergi kuliah.. selesa and puas hati sebab hasil kerja tangan sendiri...

MIDSEM (1 nov-10nov)

siap lagi dua pasang blouse labuh hehe... alhamdulillah hasil sendiri jugak.. 

seronok sebab dapat belajar buat baju sendiri... raya tahun depan boleh la jahit baju raya sendiri.. tak perlu dah kot nak tempah baju mahal2 kat luar.. :) 

itu sahaja dari kami ... 

sekian :)

sape nak order baju tu boleh lahh hubungi no di talian 


hehe babai~ 

Assalammualaikum :)