Sunday, February 26, 2017

Excited but terrified !

guess what.. i'm homeeee ! [dhaaa,, u already home last week -,-] haha forget it..

actually.. no idea haha.. i'll just give u this pic la heh.. quote by professor i dont know his name.. yet,, his word already explaning what i wanna say.. ok guys.. tudels !

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Emotional a bit..

" we will not go down gaza"
Michael Heart

i love this songgg... 

i've been searching for this song in youtube.. the original music video for it.. but nothing found... i wonder why is that.. i keep searching and searching but still can't find ! i only found cover song made by other singers.. and still i wonder WHY ?

is it because the ISRAEL people deleted them? or the youtuber delete them? are they afraid to face the truth they've done to Palestine, to Gaza? 

i know i'm not anyone but me still muslim, a human. are they human? or the right word,, they're animals. not knowing the right, the truth.. pity.. may ALLAH help us.. help the palestine.. the syrian..Muslims.. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

#1 Double TWO

somedays you just have to create your own sunshine. there will be a day where noboby will stand for you, nobody will understand your feelings, your hurts, your tears, nobody. and again you'll alone standing behind the sun and let the shadow embezzle you. 


sometimes, a smile can turn a cloudy and rainy day, into a beautiful sunny day..
there's always a reason to smile with.. we just have to find it. sounds simple but unless you've tried, you'll never find it.. 

  Double two...

Alhamdulillah segala pujian bagi Allah.. no one knows what exactly planned for us.. Double two held so much to me.. i just can't say how much it means. but because of it, it makes me has the only reason to smile and insyaAllah i'll try my hardest to make it long last. me already found one. you?  have faith will ya.. 

till then.. bye peeps ^^

Friday, February 17, 2017


i' not arguing. i'm simply explaining that i'm right. that annoying feeling ! when you're dying to talk to someone but you refuse to text them first. what a crab ! 
hey little miss stubborn.. just end your pen now ! 
i'm outta of here.. toodles !

Thursday, February 16, 2017


heyyo peeps ! me still working, at the office. but as usual,, that big 'M' always accompanying me.. hailaa.. till the end of this month, i would not be as busy as the ant. because account ended June 2016 all have been submitted to the IRB. not all actually.. still i have some free time laa for this stuff.. merepek2 kat sini hehe..

yesterday, i watched a movie. Silenced. Korean movie. 

Gong-yoo ! hehe i admired him since i watched him in Runningman episode berapa entah. he's cute !

ok back to the movie.. the movie story about that man, newly occupied at dumb and deaf school at countryside. Poor little things, some of the dumb and deaf students have been sexually abused mentally and physically by the other irresponsible teachers. That man tried to uphold justice and help the students but as we all already knew, money can buy anything.

Good story but it gave me goosebumps. 

footnote :
the story reminds me about how money can change everything. how nowadays people get blind with dollars. what i can just say to myself, be ready to uphold yourself, with today's economy, in the future. 

nice to stay but bye ! till another topics, ^^





are not something we can sesuka create. lively amusement naturally come and expressed in our face. not because we want to,, but we actually feel them.. 

its hard sometimes.. but the results actually depends on what we've decides. one word. 

Laugh and the whole world will laugh with you. Snore and you sleep alone - Anthony Burgess

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

what i got yesterday (?)

hai.. urmm yelling is not good you know.. it will hurts you throat.. your beautiful voice menyanyi-nyanyi dekat telinga aku.. memang nak nangis tau dengar!

eventually, me not really fall into auditing.. u know audit is something that arghhh stressingg... tapi asal dengar accounting jee aku dah risau kemain.. haha rasa tak mampu pulak nak handle that one set accounting for a company. how laa i'am going to survive in this stressful industry. 

arghh why laaa am involve in this field. i'm really really no interest to fill with in this counting and checking and counting again and again.. am just tiredd.. not that tired but tired lah.. 

i need some oxy to breathh.. space.. one year and 6months i think.. me barely survive in this field. of course after sebaldi air mata siram pokok cili belakang rumah aku ni ha. 

what to do.. just tahan je lah orang marah tu biasa.. belajar kan.. yeah,, face it DAYAH ! you can you can can can,. biar lah siram pokok ke ape,, janji kau hadap and one more thing.. pokok cili tu dah besar ! haha tinggal tunggu nak berbuah je..

dah bai ! 

First Born ! 2017 ^^

heyyo weds !!.. 
for seriously am still remember this old blog of mine. Maigad.. More than decades i'am not babbling and today i'am here ! ginduuuu nak ber'blogging' balikkkk haha ^^

actually am accidently open this blog while searching info on my job. Tetibe teringat pulak. Yelah dulu sinilah tempat aku luang masa, baca blog orang, hias blog la ape la. semua nya zaman dulu muda muda haha.. sekarang am oldddd enough ! half of 50 years oredi. seriously memang kau dah tua dayah.. this stuff is not your play yard anymore..

but still.. nak dibuang sayang.. 

by the way, am happy to see uuu silentsletter ^^

tu je lah. toodles ! ^^