Thursday, February 16, 2017


heyyo peeps ! me still working, at the office. but as usual,, that big 'M' always accompanying me.. hailaa.. till the end of this month, i would not be as busy as the ant. because account ended June 2016 all have been submitted to the IRB. not all actually.. still i have some free time laa for this stuff.. merepek2 kat sini hehe..

yesterday, i watched a movie. Silenced. Korean movie. 

Gong-yoo ! hehe i admired him since i watched him in Runningman episode berapa entah. he's cute !

ok back to the movie.. the movie story about that man, newly occupied at dumb and deaf school at countryside. Poor little things, some of the dumb and deaf students have been sexually abused mentally and physically by the other irresponsible teachers. That man tried to uphold justice and help the students but as we all already knew, money can buy anything.

Good story but it gave me goosebumps. 

footnote :
the story reminds me about how money can change everything. how nowadays people get blind with dollars. what i can just say to myself, be ready to uphold yourself, with today's economy, in the future. 

nice to stay but bye ! till another topics, ^^



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