Wednesday, February 15, 2017

what i got yesterday (?)

hai.. urmm yelling is not good you know.. it will hurts you throat.. your beautiful voice menyanyi-nyanyi dekat telinga aku.. memang nak nangis tau dengar!

eventually, me not really fall into auditing.. u know audit is something that arghhh stressingg... tapi asal dengar accounting jee aku dah risau kemain.. haha rasa tak mampu pulak nak handle that one set accounting for a company. how laa i'am going to survive in this stressful industry. 

arghh why laaa am involve in this field. i'm really really no interest to fill with in this counting and checking and counting again and again.. am just tiredd.. not that tired but tired lah.. 

i need some oxy to breathh.. space.. one year and 6months i think.. me barely survive in this field. of course after sebaldi air mata siram pokok cili belakang rumah aku ni ha. 

what to do.. just tahan je lah orang marah tu biasa.. belajar kan.. yeah,, face it DAYAH ! you can you can can can,. biar lah siram pokok ke ape,, janji kau hadap and one more thing.. pokok cili tu dah besar ! haha tinggal tunggu nak berbuah je..

dah bai ! 

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