Wednesday, March 1, 2017

meeeee ! it just me !

Heyyo peeps.. Assalammualaikum..

hows life today?? fantastic? amaze?? horrible?? haha life is life... there's must be a moment where we'll crying a lot,, and a moment we'll be laughing like crazy ha ha. if there nothing happened,, then it's not life.. know what i mean?? ha ha

actually today i don''t have any topic or any new words to be share.. i just want to..............

to................................ express what i feel inside... inside my heart hoho sounds deep haa?? =]


whoo totally different isnt it? actually all the above i found them in my draft..
i wrote them on 2013.. how childish and cheerful girl i was back then..
now.. i don't think i can write so cheerful macam tu haha...
don't know why,, dah tak reti..
maybe, sebab things changed..
environment, friends, were not the same anymore.. me either.. totally dah tak macam dulu..
aku sendiri rasa diri aku dah lain..
how i've change? time.. it changed me..


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